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Responsible Recovery Residence

Mind, Body & Soul Recovery House is passionate about recovery. The first year of sobriety is critical. An addict may feel isolated, as though no one understands the difficulties they are facing. When living in a recovery residence we have the blessing of being around others who mirror these feelings. We can see that others might be struggling and we can support one another to stay sober, one day at a time. Addicts that work together have a much greater chance of remaining clean. We want to help you become responsible for your recovery.

Recovery Support Services

Life may seem overwhelming right now. You may not know what to do for yourself or a loved one. You may have fear of going out into the world, being around old haunting grounds where your friends and possibly family members are using. That is why we are so committed to a spirit of Recovery in our homes. We don’t just help you get back on your feet, we help you find a new way to live. Meeting attendance, contact with a sponsor, reading literature and being around others who are beginning to find a power greater than themselves to help make it through each day clean, provide a true recipe for success.

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Trustworthy Transitional Housing

Together we do recover, when we have others around us that are on the same journey, that we can trust. In early recovery, moving from a treatment center to a halfway house can be a great way to transition. Sometimes our feelings about how prepared we are to face the outside world can be overwhelming.  That is what the partners and residents of Mind, Body & Soul Recovery Housing understand. You will get the tools you need to make an easier, smoother transition back to living life.


Safe and Sane Sober Living

Learn to do something different, rather than repeating the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Insanity doesn’t have to be your way of life any more. Sometimes we don’t know what to do to change. We want to do something different but we need the help of other addicts to show us what works through a transitional living program. At Mind,Body & Soul we are here to lead the way to a sober and sane life through a clean and sober life style with one addict helping another.

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