Halfway House Benefits

Safety, Accountability, Support

Mind, Body and Soul Recovery Homes offer the very best sober living homes in Orlando. Sober living housing provides a safe and drug-free environment for those recovering from addiction. Sober living houses also provide support and a community of like-minded individuals who support each other through the earliest stages of recovery.

Many people who finish substance abuse treatment immediately go back to the same environment they were in while they were actively using drugs or alcohol. Returning to the same environment causes many people to relapse. Sober housing provides an alternative and gives people who are new to recovery a place to transition safely into a new life.

Sober living housing provides a substance-free place to live while making the transition from treatment to life in recovery. Sober house rules are set in place to support recovery and to hold individuals accountable for their actions. The supportive nature of sober homes allow their occupants to work toward a happy, healthy and substance-free life.

Also known as halfway houses, transitional living housing and recovery homes – good sober living facilities offer strong, continued support for individuals new to recovery so they can better maintain long-term sobriety.

As the stigma of addiction is broken down over time, increasingly more people realize that continued support after treatment is the most effective way for those new to recovery to maintain their sobriety. Sober living facilities are the first step in establishing a strong support system while transitioning to a happy and productive life.

Sober Living Housing Effectiveness

Research shows that living in a halfway house after substance abuse treatment has dramatic results on an individual’s well-being.

A study by researchers at the Alcohol Research Group Public Health Institute showed that residents of sober houses showed marked improvements in abstaining from drugs and alcohol, maintaining employment, avoiding arrests and incarceration, and having better overall mental health.

Multiple studies have shown similar results. Residents of recovery homes are more likely to remain in long-term recovery, build healthier relationships, hold employment, and avoid legal problems.

Preventing Relapse

Lack of a substance-free and stable environment has always been a major obstacle for those fresh out of treatment. Those in the first year of recovery have a high likelihood of relapsing without continued recovery support. Environmental factors, stress and mental health problems often drive individuals to relapse. Recovery housing provides structure and rules that set boundaries for residents while fostering healthy habits that support long term, continuous sobriety.

Mind, Body and Soul is invested in your recovery. We take the time to give each and every one of our residents the help they need to work toward a healthy recovery.

Sober House Rules

Sober house rules are the foundation of our recovery homes. They establish a code for residents to follow that allows them to focus on the right things for their recovery. They also make sure that every resident understands what is expected of them. Making sure everyone in the house is on the same page allows residents to come together to support each other and to be successful in the sober living home.

The Mind, Body and Soul Recovery Homes all have their own specific set of rules. All of our homes require our residents to regularly attend support group meetings, have a sponsor, abide by nighttime curfew, work the 12 Steps, and be employed or actively seeking work.

In each recovery home, we hold a weekly house meeting. This purpose of our house meetings is to check in on our residents and evaluate how their recovery is going. We talk about which step they are working on, discuss calling their sponsor regularly, and how our residents are engaging in recovery service work. These things are crucial to building a well-rounded personal recovery program, and help keep the recovering addict or alcoholic on the right track. A noted benefit of our house meetings is that they foster a sense of personal accountability, responsibility, and commitment to oneself and one’s fellow residents.

Our rules are mandatory, and failure to adhere to these sober home rules will result in eviction from the house. All residents who break the rules are referred to reputable rehab treatment facilities. Relapse is a sad part of addiction, and the best way to deal with it is under the care of a substance abuse treatment program — not a sober living house.

Living in a Mind, Body and Soul Sober Living Home

The people you live with in a recovery home are invested in your and their own recovery as well. Each sober house has its own recovery community. We want you to maintain your sobriety and we work hard to provide the ideal community for our residents.

Recovery houses give residents a chance to have a space in a community where everyone is abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Mind, Body and Soul residents share their room with one other individual. Residents share the kitchen, bathroom, and common living spaces.

Our transitional housing program provides a structured daily routine that supports healthy lifestyle habits, a productive career, achieving personal goals, as well as offering the necessary recovery activities for our residents.

We believe that establishing a healthy routine is vital to your recovery. Your first year of recovery is the most difficult and important to get through. A strong routine reinforces the disciple it takes to be successful in recovery – and our sober living homes can be a great benefit to creating yours.

Length of Stay

The length of your stay is really determined by you and your individual needs. Some people only go to sober living homes for a short transitional time. Others require more time in a sober living facility before they are ready to live on their own outside of a supportive recovery home setting.

Your length of stay is also determined by your ability to meet our requirements. There may also come a time where we deem that you are ready to move on to the next phase of your recovery outside of the halfway house.

Our goal is for Mind, Body and Soul recovery homes to be the most well-rounded transitional housing you can find in Orlando. The beauty we have seen in many of our residents who graduate from our houses is that they begin to embrace life for everything it has to offer, and learn to live without the desire to use drugs or alcohol.