Here is an exciting announcement from Jeff Reilly & Greg Williams the filmmakers behind The Anonymous People!

It’s been over 2 years since you supported the release of our film – THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE. That independent film would have never seen the light of day without your outreach. As a result of your personal passion to carry this Kickstarter-backed project to thousands of movie theaters, universities, churches, and inside prison walls we have been able to reach millions with the message of the emerging recovery advocacy movement.

The film even largely inspired many to join the historic UNITE to Face Addiction rally last year on the National Mall, when tens of thousands of people collectively ended their silence surrounding the addiction crisis – including live performances from Steven Tyler, Joe Walsh, and Sheryl Crow! The momentum is clearly building around solving addiction issues and we wanted you to be the first to know of an exciting new feature film coming out in early release this summer – GENERATION FOUND.

The number one issue discussed in our post-screening conversations around THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE was how addiction impacts young people, and the needs for youth recovery support. We decided this topic was so important that we began working with an incredible community in Houston, Texas where we had the opportunity to spend the last two years capturing something most have never seen or even heard about!

GENERATION FOUND is a trans formative community story about the people of Houston who are fighting to save young people from the leading cause of death of their generation. With unprecedented access to a never-before-seen hidden community, GENERATION FOUND captures both the story of families who have lost their children to addiction, as well as families and young people who have a second chance at life. It is not only a deeply personal story, but one with real world utility for communities struggling with addiction worldwide.

We are pumped to be partnering again with Gathr Films to bring this film directly to the grass-roots through Theatrical-On-Demand. No venue rental fees, no licensing, no need to build your own webpage, or design your own poster – all you will need to be the first to see GENERATION FOUND with your community is to captain your own screening and then share the good news with your network. There will be tons of ways to see this film as the release widens down the road – but in order to get it out in a big way we need your help in building the buzz and spreading the news early and often.

We hope you will join us on this life-saving journey, and we will be in touch very soon with specific instructions on how to bring GENERATION FOUND to a big screen near you!

Looking forward to the next adventure,

Jeff Reilly & Greg Williams